Variations in superior mesenteric artery branches and their position relative to the superior mesenteric vein among different ethnicities in colorectal cancer patients. The VARCOL I (Vascular Anatomy of the Right COLon) retrospective study.


tUmour-related Pelvic Bone rEsection Standardization of Technique

Performing sacrectomy in cases of intrapelvic tumor invasion is oncologically effective operation, because chance of achieving negative margins of resection is much higher.


THE MADAM – trial (Thrombosed Hemorrhoids External – Moscow After Delivery And Maternity)

The currently available literature does not provide sufficient high-quality data to allow for an evidence-based approach to treatment of thrombosis of external hemorrhoids during pregnancy and after childbirth.


The PROVARCOL (PReOperative ct scanning of Vascular Anatomy of the Right COLon) prospective study

We think that its important to perform CT scanning with 3D reconstructions to establish the vascular anatomy and aid a surgeon during the difficult procedure and get the best oncological outcomes.


The BrIMA study

BrIMA (branches of Inferior Mesenteric Artery): a multicenter prospective study investigating Inaferior mesenteric artery branches variations by 3D CT-scan and intraoperative finding.


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