The Russian-Chinese Colorectal Surgery Symposium 2019

The 12th Russian school of colorectal surgery.
Word Trade Center, Moscow, Russia
The 8-9th of June 2019

  1. The revolutionary past in an effort to change the way of life that has developed over the centuries.
  2. The difficult period in the struggle for survival in conditions of international isolation.
  3. War.
  4. This is not an easy time.

A meeting of our leaders, a high-level conference, a conference dedicated to the Russian-Chinese conference, the basics of friendship, mutual respect and the desire for development.

We want to congratulate all the participants and wish you fruitful work.

The key to this application is the implementation of the first project - a monograph on the editorship of prof. Wang and our editorial.

We believe that this even more inspires us to new achievements.


This book combines the rich clinical experience and a large number of surgical images, systematically demonstrating the theory of NOSES and ten different techniques for colorectal neoplasms. This book includes two parts: the first part mainly describes the development process of NOSES and the current state of these techniques, so that the reader may have an improved understanding of the landscape regarding NOSES.

The second part elaborates ten different surgical procedures of NOSES in detailed fashion including all technical key points and operational skills regarding NOSES. The indications and contraindications are also outlined in this book. In addition to the elaboration of NOSES, each chapter of this book also contains a detailed and comprehensive analysis of the important points, technical difficulties, and key issues regarding laparoscopic surgery for colorectal cancer.

This book also inserted a large number of two-dimensional codes of operation videos. The reader can simply scan the two-dimensional code by mobile phones, tablet PCs, and other mobile terminals, to watch the operation videos of NOSES. These videos display the key surgical procedures and technique points of NOSES, to present an intuitive understanding of the operation and surgical features.

This book is not only suitable for the colorectal cancer surgeons, but also for the experienced and in training surgeons alike. We sincerely hope that this book will facilitate knowledge exchange and spur interest in adopting these novel techniques.

Symposium program


Second International NOSES Symposium

Xishan Wang
Efetov Sergey

  1. Xishan Wang, Why NOSES is our choice?
  2. Efetov Sergey, NOSE LAR with total extraabdominal resection - NOSES IF
  3. Jian Peng, 3D visualization of digital medicine contributes to the radical resection of colorectal cancer by NOSES.
  4. Haitao Zhou, The application of delta-shaped anastomosis in NOSES for colon cancer
  5. Xu Guan, Clinical practice and short-term outcome of NOSES in rectal cancer
  6. Junhong Hu, Re-exploration of modified NOSES in radical resection of low rectal cancer
  7. Feng Sun, The key points and the research progress of the technique of LAP.NOSES for colorectal cancers
  8. Chernikovskiy I.L., NOSE: to whom, when and how. Experience of the first 80 operations.
  9. Chao Zhang, NOSES for 3D right hemicolectomy


Belt and Road Initiative Chinese-Russian Symposium Session

Tsarkov Petr
Chuan-Gang Fu

  1. Xishan Wang, Current status of prevention and treatment of colorectal cancer in China
  2. Qingchao Tang, Experience sharing of key points and difficult points in NOSES for colorectal cancer
  3. Liu Zheng, Evaluating the safety and feasibility of NOSES: a China-Russia study
  4. Zuqing Zhou, 3D Laparoscopic total pelvic organ resection
  5. Ischenko Vitaly Nikolaevich, Physiological precancer- is the terminology acceptable, is diagnosis and treatment possible?
  6. Gluzman Mark Igorevich, Gastrointestinal stromal tumors arising from the colon and rectum: current status and personal experience.
  7. Dechang Diao, 3D loparoscopic radical right hemicocolectomy: D3 and CME
  8. Kim Valeria Dmitrievna, Ethnic differences in vascular anatomy of the right colon
  9. Bo Feng, Medial margin of laparoscopic D3 lymphadenectomy for right colon cancer: left side of SMA or SMV

Russian-Chinese Society of Colorectal Surgeons

Moscow, 2019


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