Second International Noses Symposium

The second Russian-Chinese Colorectal surgery Symposium was held on the final day of the Russian school of Colorectal surgery on 9th of July in Moscow, Russia.

Liu Zheng and Sergey Efetov led the international session which consisted of 9 speakers, 3 of those represented Russia and 6 were the members of Chinese delegation, and discussed treatments and surgical techniques when dealing with colorectal diseases.

The session took off with a presentation of current status on prevention and treatment of colorectal cancer in China which was delivered by one of the Xishan Wang fellows. It was followed by deeper exploration of the NOSES technique by a specialist Qingchao Tang, who highlighted the key points and the difficult point which can be faced during this procedure. The feasibility and safety of NOSES was evaluated by Liu Zheng, who conducted a study between Russian and Chinese patients who underwent NOSES.

Zuqing Zhou preceded by demonstrating 3D laparoscopic total pelvic organ resection. Vitaliy Ischenko introduced a new termonology ‘physiological preonco’ in his fascinating speech on diagnosis and treatment of this stage of the disease.

3D laparoscopic radical right hemicolectomy: D3 and CME was demonstrated in the form of video recordings of skillful demonstration of the controversial technique.

The session was closing off with Valeriia Kim who described the variations in vascular anatomy of the right colon and looked into ethnicity as a potential factor of these differences by comparing Russian and Chinese patients' anatomy in VARCOL study and encouraged fellow specialists to participate in the following studies VARCOL I and PROVARCOL. She was followed by Bo Feng who described the medial margin of laparoscopic lymphadenectomy for right colon cancer, discussing the possible differences between going left to the SMV or to SMA approaches.

The session was rounded off with Petr Tsarkov and Xishan Wang signing the memorandum of partnership between Russian and Chinese colorectal surgeon.

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