Russian-Chinese Society of Colorectal Surgeons

Professional society of Russian and Chinese specialists in the field of colorectal surgery, which aims to create a single Eurasian scientific space and a platform for medical research.



First goal is to build close international interaction for productive researching and experience exchange.


By connecting and assisting each other we can make all members better, correcting each other’s mistakes and observing professional growth


Inside our professional society we should be as closer as it could be for supporting, discussing and sharing.


This is not the first russian-chineese collaboration as we can notice, according to our history, but this is the first professional society in colorectal surgery between these two counties.


We want to organize different fellowship programmes for young (and not so young) surgeons to refine our knowledge and manual skills.


To make the data more accessible and to collect data from Russia and Chinese colorectal surgical centers and share surgical skills and knowledge.


  • Membership Committee;
  • Scientific Committee;
  • Education Committee;
  • Minimally Invasive Surgery Committee;
  • New Technology Committee.

Annual Events

  • Meetings and symposiums;
  • Academic projects and rewards;
  • Official journal and cooperative journal;
  • Visiting and exchange scholar.

Member and Fellow Application

  • Specialty of colorectal cancer or colorectal diseases;
  • Board certified in Russia or China.

Founding Co-presidents

Russian-Chinese Society of Colorectal Surgeons

Moscow, 2019


+7 (499) 686-11-16
Moscow, Pogodinskaya Street, 1 build 1